Fri. 4/21-Liberators @ Old Point: — Sat. 4/22-Boot Hill @ Boomtown

Well, I have a big weekend coming up.

Friday, 4/21, I will be with The Liberators at Old Point in Old Algiers.   We did a live recording recently, and I realized that I may need to listen to “Benny and the Jetst” by Elton John again.  I learned it a while back, got through the session, but it wouldn’t hurt to revisit that and some I will have to sing.

The next night, Saturday 4/22, I’m “back in the saddle” with Boothill at Boomtown Casino in Harvey,  LA .  It’s been a while and I’m halfway through the list.  Kinda got side tracked with school work and taxes, but will get back on it tomorrow.  Between Jay Bouche and Mac Barrient, you will hear some killer guitar picking!  🙂

Last weekend, I played with Tim Chauvin and a drummer named Tim at T-Rivers in Madisonville.  Should have posed it.  Probably haven’t officially worked with TimC. in 25 years.  Great fun!


Melaleuca Share it Forward

dollar kitsLast month, I took advantage of the opportunity to reconnect with Melaleuca for the $1 membership and just ordered some more products today.  Aside from the opportunity to get wonderful and healthy products, I honestly don’t feel like going to the store much anymore.  It’s much easier and efficient to order better products and have them shipped.  Plus, if you go through the Melaleuca portal, you can also shop at Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other major retailers and get a discount and avoid lines and delays.  Anyway, following are some additional benefits of taking advantage of the $1 membership to join the Melaleuca buying club…. ===========================================================

Share it forward! Thousands of new Preferred Members are flocking to Melaleuca because of our products and Compensation Plan. This month is THE month for new Preferred Members to enroll with Melaleuca. Why this month? Not only do they receive their Melaleuca Membership for just $1, they receive a FREE EcoSense Cleaning Pack valued at $38 when they enroll April 1-14. And if they share Melaleuca with others, they can earn 50% Product Introduction Commission on each new enrollee for three months. And if they Advance to Director this month for the first time, they earn a minimum guaranteed check of $500! Pick up the phone today and share it forward. ===========================================================

Personally, I am sort of taking a “Share it forward” approach myself in that I ordered some products for friends and I let others try some I ordered.   It is a refreshing approach compared to the tired old advertising on traffic exchanges and safelists.  It sparks a comfortable dialog in that you are sharing something of value as opposed to selling.

If that approach sounds good to you, please reply and I can get you a personal access code for a private viewing of the presentation offered by our group.    Honestly, I am new at this new method of presenting, but it truly is an awesome company with great products and we can learn together 🙂

Thanks, NathanG

National Braille Certification Test

Yesterday, 3/11/2017, a colleague and I went to Lafayette, LA to take a Braille proficiency test billed as “national certification”.    We have been taken classes through LA Tech online for a few months and have worked hard to learn the code.  I think we probably pass, but you never know and they had their fair share of “testing irregularities” as the ACT would put it.

The test consists of three parts:

1.) You are given 3  passages in print and are required to Braille it on a Perkins Braille Writer.

2.) You are given a passages in print and a copy of it Brailled with mistakes that you have to circle.

3.) Thirty multiple choice questions.

The test took 5 hours and it was a 14 hour day after getting stuck in traffic and getting lost a bit in Baton Rouge.  UGH!  Nonetheless, we are in our last semester of actual coursework, will hopefully finish strong, and get our add-on teaching certifications.

Putting Everything Under One Roof

Hello World!  Nathan here thinking about creating a central location for all my online and offline activities.

Personally, I have a lot going on and may not get to this site as often as possible, but it is a start for now.   Please consider this introduction post as “under construction” and in the hopefully near future I can contribute useful information.

Thank you for visiting and please check back.