National Braille Certification Test

Yesterday, 3/11/2017, a colleague and I went to Lafayette, LA to take a Braille proficiency test billed as “national certification”.    We have been taken classes through LA Tech online for a few months and have worked hard to learn the code.  I think we probably pass, but you never know and they had their fair share of “testing irregularities” as the ACT would put it.

The test consists of three parts:

1.) You are given 3  passages in print and are required to Braille it on a Perkins Braille Writer.

2.) You are given a passages in print and a copy of it Brailled with mistakes that you have to circle.

3.) Thirty multiple choice questions.

The test took 5 hours and it was a 14 hour day after getting stuck in traffic and getting lost a bit in Baton Rouge.  UGH!  Nonetheless, we are in our last semester of actual coursework, will hopefully finish strong, and get our add-on teaching certifications.