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dollar kitsLast month, I took advantage of the opportunity to reconnect with Melaleuca for the $1 membership and just ordered some more products today.  Aside from the opportunity to get wonderful and healthy products, I honestly don’t feel like going to the store much anymore.  It’s much easier and efficient to order better products and have them shipped.  Plus, if you go through the Melaleuca portal, you can also shop at Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other major retailers and get a discount and avoid lines and delays.  Anyway, following are some additional benefits of taking advantage of the $1 membership to join the Melaleuca buying club…. ===========================================================

Share it forward! Thousands of new Preferred Members are flocking to Melaleuca because of our products and Compensation Plan. This month is THE month for new Preferred Members to enroll with Melaleuca. Why this month? Not only do they receive their Melaleuca Membership for just $1, they receive a FREE EcoSense Cleaning Pack valued at $38 when they enroll April 1-14. And if they share Melaleuca with others, they can earn 50% Product Introduction Commission on each new enrollee for three months. And if they Advance to Director this month for the first time, they earn a minimum guaranteed check of $500! Pick up the phone today and share it forward. ===========================================================

Personally, I am sort of taking a “Share it forward” approach myself in that I ordered some products for friends and I let others try some I ordered.   It is a refreshing approach compared to the tired old advertising on traffic exchanges and safelists.  It sparks a comfortable dialog in that you are sharing something of value as opposed to selling.

If that approach sounds good to you, please reply and I can get you a personal access code for a private viewing of the presentation offered by our group.    Honestly, I am new at this new method of presenting, but it truly is an awesome company with great products and we can learn together 🙂

Thanks, NathanG

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  1. This sounds like a great program with great benefits… but what really is Melaleuca? What kind of products do they offer… just health products for weight loss and cleansing, or do they offer and sell fitness programs as well? I do agree its much easier and convenient to have products shipped to you instead of having to go out and hunt them down on your own, especially products like this. I’d definitely like some more information on this.

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for your questions! Melaleuca offers over 400 safe products which include health and wellness, weight loss, cleaning, essential oils, coffee, bath and body, fitness, and others. I thought I may have seen a fitness program, but can’t find it at the moment. If they do, I probably should be doing that first!

      My link is , but I just found a slide show on the site you can watch for more information:

      For the slides-only version of the Delivering Wellness presentation, visit: and enter “Melaleuca” as the passcode.

      Hope this helps. Thanks again, Jen 🙂

    2. Hey Jen, I just found a Melaleuca catalog you can browse though online.
      Melaleuca Catalog

      If you look on page 90, there is a link to a free weight loss portal. Also, on page 91 there are a vitality and fitness guides on sale for $1.99.

      By the way, tonight I was on the first live presentation for our team, which will happen every night at 9:00pm EST. It was laid back and informative. I will make a post with the link if you feel like poppin’ in one night.

  2. Hi Nathan, I’m intrigued to know a bit more about the Melaleuca membership and compensation Plan. Is it a wellness product and how do I apply for the membership?

    I can see that there’s a limited time offer until next week to receive a EcoSense Cleaning Pack. What type of products are supplied in the pack?

    1. Hi Jonathan, thank you for your interest. You can become a member at , but it’s probably a good idea to learn more about the company and products first. The good news is, Melaleuca rewards you for doing this by compensating you for watching videos! For each video you watch, they put a few bucks in your account which can be used to make purchases in your 2nd month, which is a sweat deal!

      With regard to the EcoSense Pack, I have included the information below:


      Every new Preferred Member who enrolls April 1-14 will receive a FREE EcoSense Cleaning Pack valued at $38

      Every day is Earth Day at Melaleuca.

      Our EcoSense products contain 99% biodegradable ingredients that utilize safer, powerful cleaners that are plant derived. Our ingredients are carefully selected and contain NO ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, phthalate or harmful chemicals. In fact they are so safe, our formulas are not required to have child proof safety caps!

      The FREE Cleaning Pack contains:

      Tub and Tile 12x Bathroom Cleaner and Mixing Spray Bottle
      With the natural cleaning power of lemons (citric acid) and plant-derived glycolic acid, this 12x super-concentrated bathroom cleaner melts away soap scum and hard water stains with minimal scrubbing and no harsh fumes or abrasives.

      Clear Power 12x Glass Cleaner and Mixing Spray Bottle
      This money-saving 12x super-concentrated cleaner, powered by plant-derived cleaning agents instead of caustic ammonia, leaves mirrors, windows, and stainless steel spotless with no harsh fumes or residues.

      Tough and Tender 12x All-Purpose Cleaner and Mixing Spray Bottle
      This quick, effective, 12x super-concentrated all-purpose cleaner cleans up every day dirt and grime anywhere-counters, tables, appliances, even natural stone-using no caustic chemicals.

      MelaMagic Heavy-Duty Cleaner
      Made to tackle the greasiest, grimiest messes indoors and out, this heavy-duty cleaner provides industrial-strength cleaning power without caustic ammonia or chlorine bleach.

      The EcoSense Cleaning Pack will be included in all new April 1-14 Preferred Members first active order.


      As far as the compensation plan, I honestly have not studied it, but I think it is in our group’s presentation that I need to learn. If you would like a good laugh and don’t mind me fumbling to learn how to do this, please shoot me a text @ 1 504 419-4144 and I will set you up with an access code. More than likely you can teach me how to do this! 🙂

      Thanks again, Jonathan. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


  3. Melaleuca looks like they have their marketing methods right. I am sure not many people will resist signing up for a dollar and getting a free gift thrown in, especially if it is of value.

    Does Melaleuca only work for US residents, or is it a world wide company? I ask this as I see most of the companies you mention in your post like Walmart are American.

    1. Hi Michel. Thank you for your comments and question! Melaleuca is both a manufacturer and retailer of mostly wellness products. Here is a link to the about page:

      I like to think of it as my online pharmacy that delivers.

      Customers worldwide shop from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, China, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

      With regard to retail partners, there are 650 total online stores that you can shop. I would think some are in other countries, but not certain. At this point, I have not tried that.

      Also, I have not used my group’s presentation so if you are interested and have enormous patience, I will give it a shot. Thanks again 🙂

  4. Nathan – I love this new idea of “sharing it forward”!

    AND, I am loving all the products and the company! I have been very pleased with all the products i have ordered so far. Actually, I can’t wait to order more products! It feels good knowing I don’t have to worry about chemicals in my home anymore! I especially like the fact that they have been around for 31 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

    I hope you enjoy a fantastic day! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ann!

      Actually I had joined Melaleuca about 30 years ago with my dad and probably should have stayed around.
      Thing is, I am starting to need the products more than I did when I was younger!

      Yes, I enjoy some for luxury like the coffee, but most are for necessity and prevention.

      Hope you are enjoying your day as well! 🙂

  5. Hey Nathan, sounds like a great company. I really like the fact that they’re having $1 joining fee this month. I am truly going to consider it. I think they have a good compensation plan, and that $500 bonus sounds awesome! What kind of help do you use for recruiting? The presentation that your group is offering, is this a live local event, or something held online?

    1. Hey Jonathan, the live presentations started last night at 9pm EST and are scheduled every night at that time. The man who will do a majority of those presentations is Kristian Hoenicke. He offers a free system with two funnels you can use to build your team, and you can invite folks to the live online event. One focuses on the products; the other focuses on the business. I also have a free system called where I introduce you to both Kristian and a gentleman named Chase Swift who uses youtube video to get traffic for the team. Melaleuca does have live events, but I would have to research that and will gladly do so and check back.

      Please give me a shout if you want to check out Kristian. He is calm, cool and laid back, which is a good fit for the way we do things.

  6. Hi there! I have tried Melaleuca products and really liked them. In fact, I was a distributor for awhile about 2 years ago and I still have and use some of the products. In my opinion, one of their best products is Sol-U-Mel. I swear it works like magic when stains strike. I’ve used it on nail polish, paint, tar and grease. It removes really tough stains and doesn’t sacrifice your home’s safety with caustic chemicals.

    1. Thank you, Jackie!!! 🙂 I wanted to order Sol-U-Mel this month and forgot. Really, I got back in Melaleuca to try to get a bit healthier, but I surely need to clean more than I do! I did remember to get Tub and Tile and Melapower because I’m tired of getting bleach spots on my clothes.

      Anyway, if you get the urge to come back, I’ll be glad to share our online options with you. Of course, I also decided to use Wealthy Affiliate as it seems like a good match.

      Take care and thanks again for your comments! 🙂

  7. Your site is pretty, but I have no idea what you are promoting/selling? In the intro you need to explain Melaleuca. The health and wellness page should be your intro, it tells the very basics of the company. I buy eco-friendly products, but I don’t know enough about your system or what you are saying to know if I would want to be a part of it. You are leaving your reader in the dark. I know more about you being a teacher and learning Braille and playing in bands than whatever system you are talking about.

    1. HI Keli. Thank you for your comments and your honesty. I will take a look at it when I get a chance and see what I can do to make improvements. What I will say now is that folks in Melaleuca do not sell or distribute anything. Mostly, we share our experience with using superior, safer, and as you said, eco-friendly, health and wellness products.

      Al;so, thanks for reading my other tabs on this new blog. In the past, I did the typical of reviewing a product and recommending WA, which is fine, but I suppose I wanted to do a blog to cover all interests. Sorry if I was too vague.

      I will tell you this. Last night, my lady friend called to tell me how much she enjoyed the cosmetics I bought for her from Melaleuca, Getting her onboard was a major accomplishment! 🙂

      Lastly, I can certainly design sales funnels or use a team leader’s system, but I was hoping to take a more personal approach here to get to know people better who may be interested in an honest and ethical company, just like WA.

  8. I like you review and I agree fully with promoting a good company. I have never heard of Melaleuca before. I looked at their site after reading your page and found it very interesting. You are not alone in your “Share it Forward” approach, I do very similar. I think the best way for someone to understand is to use the product or eat the food. I can tell someone that Chocolove peanut butter cups are awesome but if they never try it, they don’t understand. I bought that product for my gaurd and secretary and they were in love. Can we say buy buy Reese’s. Well done on the review, they may have a new customer, me. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you, Candice. Last night, I ordered some actual, physical catalogs and I certainly be glad to send you one the old fashion way through the mail if you would like to take a look. The products catalog is top notch and professional published quarterly. However, if you want to take a look online, here it is digitally:

      Melaleuca Spring 2017 Catalog

      By the way Candice, 96% of people who try Melaleuca products, stay with Melaleuca!

      Hope you take a look 🙂

  9. Hello

    Interesting concept with this share it forward program, I can see how it is appealing to people to get in on this new program and enjoy the benefits.

    How long have you been a member of this program and how is it working for you, I would think you need a good list of people for this program to benefit you.

    1. Hey Jeff, thank you for commenting. In case I didn’t mention this, I think this is my 3rd time to be honest. My dad introduced this to me in the mid 80’s. A good friend of mine and I became customers on our own in the 90s, and i just joined again. The products are fantastic, which is what keeps people coming back. At my age, I need them now more than ever.

      I really don’t worry about the compensation plan. For the most part, people will either want better, safer, products from Melaleuca, or they will choose to purchase inferior, chemical based, cheap, dangerous, crap on their own.

      Hopefully, readers will read the thread here, click on some to the links, and educate themselves on what is what.

      Thank, Jeff, for you for your comments.

  10. I had never heard of “share it forward” until now thanks to your Post. I really appreciate you letting us know about this and I plan to use it myself. I would still like to know more about this program, so where is it best that I should go to find out the details? Thanks again, Matt

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